Great Business Names

Are memorable, spark imagery, can be read in different languages, are only one or two words, easy to pronounce.

Unique Business Names

Do not sound like competitors, they can have a meaning, are simple and easily read and write.

What TLD to Choose

The .com is still the most brandable, memorable and holds the highest respect, but other TLDs are also great.

How To Use Business Name Generator Tool

1. Enter a keyword or let the tool choose one for you

The tool works by first entering a seed word. The seed word will act as a starting point to finding your business name. If you cannot think of any keyword, simply click the generate button and the tool will select a seed word for you.

2. Review the Results

Once the has generated some results, you can review the generated domain names. At the top you can see availability of the keyword iteself. Then below these results are the generated business names. The tool searches multiple TLDs and tells you if the domain name is available. Note that if it looks available, it might be on auction.

3. Keep searching for Business Name Ideas

The generated domain names are clickable, and once clicked automatically trigger another search using the clicked domain name as the seed word. Then more generated business names are listed from that previous generated domain name.