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How Does Our Strong Password Generator Tool Work?

Use our password generator to help protect from security threats like dictionary attacks by creating a stronger password.

Whats good about our password generator is that you can choose the length of the password, the type of characters or special characters you want to include. The default password length is 16 which we believe is the lowest password length you should be using. 

The tool provides you with five different selectors to make your password strong for accounts like Wordpress admin area, webmail and social media accounts. The options are:

  • Password length
  • Uppercase characters
  • Lowercase characters
  • Special characters 
  • Numbers

How to choose your password

Firstly, do not use the same password for every login. You should increase the complexity with accounts that are more sensitive. If you are finding it difficult to remember your passwords, then we recommend you use to store and manage your passwords securely.